Thursday, September 4, 2008

Half-Baked Alaska

Last week I was so PROUD to be a Democrat!!! I felt so very strongly that my party was on its way to victory, especially with the choice of Joe Biden as VP. I was uplifted and hopeful after Barack Obama's awesome speech Thursday evening. I respect and trust him to do what's right for this country! He is a truly decent man who has real, stated ideas for change - not just rhetoric. Our ticket is outstanding.

When I learned McSame had named a neophyte who'd been mayor of a town with just 7K citizens, 50 employees and 10 stoplights and who'd been a governor for just 20 months, I was stunned. Are you kidding me???? What the............? Then I went to Obama Headquarters where the young field manager, perhaps thinking I'd been a Hillary supporter, asked me what I thought of Palin. I responded that NO woman I know who'd supported Clinton would even THINK of voting for this person. That he seemed concerned in turn made me begin to worry a bit.

Because of a meeting last night, I missed all Republican convention stuff until Giuliani was half way through his belittling speech. As if that hadn't been distressing enough, then came Palin.
What a piece of work! I watched and listened carefully to every word she had to say. Her speech was so very "Frank Lutz like." Even if Karl Rove had a hand in it, it was low. I could not believe what I was hearing. The sarcasm, the outright lies, the condescending manner were beyond belief. And the spin!!!!! Republicans are masters at spin, and spin it they did.

Do they think we don't remember Barack Obama saying months ago, "It's not red states and blue states, it's the United States!" They've spun that into "America First." They've portrayed themselves as the ONLY people who could possibly be patriots. They'll ask anyone who disagrees with them, "Why do you hate America?"

My DH observed that the Republicans have stolen Obama's campaign and totally twisted Obama's ideas into something they want us to think they thought of. NOT!

It is assumed that McSame will discuss "national security" tonight, amongst other things. Do these people forget who was in charge on 9/ll? THE REPUBLICANS! Do they forget the ignored intelligence - as Condy recalled, "I think the memo said something like "Al Qaeda determined to strike United States." Do the Republicans remember the price of gasoline or a barrel of oil ($33.51) when Bush took office? Do they remember our government had a surplus when Bush took office? Do they realize we've spent trillions in Iraq and continuing to spend over $10 billion per month. Do they realize 47 million in this country, many of them children, are without health insurance? Do they even care???? As Cheney would say, "So?"


Gerrie said...

Right on, Ellen!! Oops, maybe I should say Left on!!

Isn't this the most bizarre scenario in our history? It is really quite scary.

Christopher said...

Hello Ellen,

I am new to your site and have read it a bit but have never said hello until now. I completely agree with you about feeling proud to be a Democrat! It is sad indeed that our country has dumbed itself down to the point where someone with no experience can be considered a viable vice-presidential candidate. I hope this trend reverses itself eventually. I thought more people than ever are getting college educations? Anyone with a working brain would realize you don't put someone in the white house without the relevant credentials.

By the way, you and I must be cousins, though I don't know how.

-Chris Guerrant

Patty Cramer said...

It's amazing that those who claim to be so self righteous, God fearing, prolife, profamily, the only patriots on the planet would stoop to such low levels!!

Obama is young, full of life - has been married to the same woman for many years. He's a Harvard graduate - not something to be thrown to the wolves.

I'm proud to have made phone calls for him in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When I walked into the campaign office there were so many young men and women - so many could have called me "Mom".

This campaign will get dirty - it will get personal - but we must rise above the challenges and do what each of us can. Whether it's putting a sign in your yard, making phone calls, donating money or walking a precinct - we've all got to do our part to restore American at home and abroad.

We must bring respect to the name of the USA!!

You go Girl!!

madeline said...

Well said!