Sunday, September 21, 2008

Barack Obama Was Here Today!!!

Nakeeda and I talked politics while we awaited the arrival of Barack Obama,
the next president of the United States!

Photo credit: Tim

Barack Obama was in Charlotte today and I was amongst the thousands who came out to see him. It is estimated 20,000 people went through security while another 10,000+ stood just outside the viewing area. It was an awesome, amazing, inspirational sight. And did we make some noise? YES WE DID!

I'll write more about the experience tomorrow, but wanted to share a few shots from this day.

Lines stretched for block after block after block. Destination? The pink granite building on the right side of this picture.

The security check-point at the front of the line.

Campaign buttons of all types were available. I purchased a very cool Obama PEACE one from this fellow.

The unity expressed by this family says it all.
Can we do it in November?