Sunday, September 7, 2008

Court Jester

Check the Lipstick!

The vice president of the United States has just two duties: Assuming office in case the president dies, retires or is impeached, and presiding over the Senate and voting in the case of ties. We know Sarah Palin doesn't think being vice president is important, as she stated in a televised interview: "What is it the vice president does anyway?"

Now that she has been nominated, she appears to think her job is to do stand-up comedy while McSame tries to pretend he's not part of Washington. Guess not, after only 26 years. In her stump speech is this pathetic joke so pertinent to her questionable experience: "What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick." What's happened to this nation over the last eight years is no joke! Palin's comments about McSame's opponent are mocking, derisive and insulting. It's as if she's jeering and laughing at the electoral process. Truly unbelievable!

Nine vice-presidents in our nation's history have had to finish the term of a president: four inherited the office because of the natural death of the incumbent, four because of assassination, and one by resignation.* Nine out of 43 is a huge percentage! And in the case of John McCain, a 72-year old melanoma survivor, there is ample reason to think he may not be able to complete a four-year term. No one wishes the man ill, but it could happen.

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was very reckless in my view. It's been proven she lied in her acceptance speech when she said, "I got rid of the corporate jet - sold it on eBay for a profit." Lie. She did list it on eBay twice but it didn't sell. It was eventually sold by a private broker at a loss of $600,000. Statements like that show the true character of a candidate. To tell a lie about something which could so easily be fact checked demonstrates a flippant attitude about TRUTH. What is it with the current administration and those Republicans wanting to take their place? Do they even know how to tell the truth? I'll save my rant on that for another day.

I really think Palin thinks the job for which she is running is that of Court Jester, also known as a fool or buffoon. That she could probably do.



Gerrie said...

Great rant!! I am gearing up to do one. I think the most awful thing she has done is to put her need for power and fame over her daughter's need for privacy and care. That child looks miserable. Family values, my a__!

tante sue said...

You know, I am almost sick about this election. I've been saying ... and keep hearing others saying... if those slimy lying narcissistic republicans win this election, I give up. I'm moving. I couldn't believe Bush was elected but when he got elected AGAIN, I was heartsick. Obama has brought me hope again. It's not just a word. It's a powerful feeling, after a long dark history of evil and stupidity. I cannot imagine anyone with their brain screwed in voting for Ms Palin and her consort. Keep ranting, girl. I'll check in with you from time to time. If you want to see my obama quilt, go to

Betsy said...

Go Ellen Go!!

I'm am sick of the truth being
hidden, and Americans caring more
about the songs on their IPOD than
what is falling down around them.

The women who are rushing to vote
Republican simply because there is
"a woman" on the ticket are stupid!
Find out what she really stands for
before you blindly vote, and THINK
before you act!

Oh wait, these are the people who
picked The Shrub because they felt
they could sit down and drink a
beer with him! Having that low
a level of mental activity shows me
why Americans are going down the
toilet so fast!

madeline said...

How could anyone in the world like this woman? She's an insult to all women but especially to Republican women. Don't they get it? They are being manipulated and used by their own party! I guess we aren't done with the "dumbing down" process in this country but I don't know how much lower we could go...this is already scraping the bottom of the barrel.