Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Voters Blocked from Registering! Take Action NOW!

You've probably heard about the thousands of voters whose names have been purged from the voter rolls. This is an outrage - especially so close to the election. I urge you to read the NY Times article of October 9 which outlines exactly what the problems are and in which states: Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina.

"Tens of thousands of eligible voters in at least six swing states have been removed from the rolls or have been blocked from registering in ways that appear to violate federal law, according to a review of state records and Social Security data by The New York Times." (quote from article below)

I URGE you to read the following article and then take action by calling state election officials and demanding this injustice be fixed NOW - even if you don't reside in one of the six states listed. The outcome of this election which affects us all so profoundly, depends on every voter being allowed to vote and on every single vote being counted!

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